Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a KM limit for outings?

A: No. It is the client’s choice on where they would like to go. If it is a long trip, we would request advance notice as we can roster times accordingly and make sure it fits within the required budget for the client.

Q: Can you assist if there is an emergency?

A: Where possible we would be able to have staff help. It would all depend on availability of the staff. Whatever the situation, we will do our best to help.

Q: What happens on a Public Holiday?

A: We do not provide Respite Care on public holidays however we do provide Personal Care on these days subject to budget approval.

Q: Do you shut down over Christmas & New Year?

A: No. We work 365 day a year.

Q: Do you work weekends?

A: Yes we can work on weekends however, due to higher rates this would need to be accommodated within the client’s allocated budget.

Q: Are your staff nurses?

A: No. Our staff are Community Support Workers. We insist on all staff completing Certificate 3 in Individual Support. We also have ongoing training for all staff including client specific training. If this service is required we recommend contacting your community nursing organisation.

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