For our Angels, it’s personal

Putting the care back into caring

After a decade of providing care within various community support services and group homes I decided to start Respite Angels in 2016. For me it was the only way to provide personal respite care without compromise. Size matters, and that’s why we’ve kept Respite Angels small and focused. Large national providers, offering a variety of services, can sometimes lose touch with their clients in the ongoing search for efficiencies. Our mission is very simple – Our Angels provide tailored care for our clients no matter what circumstances they find themselves.

We maintain an interactive client file detailing daily activities for you and other carers. Our policy is open communication and this important tool promotes transparency amongst the entire support team.  

Work with us

Working with an Angel

Whether it’s a plan-managed or private client, ideally all our engagements start with a face to face meeting where we can hear from you. Every client’s situation is different so we use this meeting to determine how Respite Angels can best share the load.  

Respecting our clients’ desire for independence is critically important to our team. Receiving personal care can be confronting for some of our clients so all our Angels are introduced to via a ‘buddy shift’ with a familiar staff member. 

Quality personal care and respite services in the Illawarra for aged care and disability.

Why choose Respite Angels?


We become part of the team, caring for the carers.

Not many people really understand the commitment that parents and loved one’s make in order to provide full-time care. Our Angels become part of your support team, helping you shoulder the weight. We make it easier for both our clients and their carers to get the time-out they need to recharge.


We support clients to maintain their independence.​

We design all our care plans with the goal of maximising our clients’ independence. Our Angels play a key support role in encouraging both the independent living skills and social skills that are critical towards our clients’ achieving their desired outcomes.


We understand that, at times, situations change.

We’ve been providing exceptional care for long enough to understand that a care plan must be able to accommodate changes that inevitably present. We understand from experience that these changes are out of your control and that’s why an angel is only a phone call away. 

Person Centered

We create a personalised service agreement to meet your needs.

Our services have been designed around the specific requirements of our clients’ particular situation. There’s no one-size-fits-all at Respite Angels. As a client, it is all about you, and together we will design a program that meets and exceeds both your requirements and expectations.

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